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|| DK || Memberlist || 30 Members ||

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 16, 2015 4:53 pm

Desert KillaZZ is the first ever official clan opened in Maximum Gaming, founded by Dominator on 20 March,2014, also known as Mahad with the help of a bunch of elite soldiers such as Reptar, Smith, Spongebob, Vector aka Patrick, MigsX, Exhaust, Generalx aka Flash,Deadly, Squidward aka Shadow, S.W.A.T,Marlon and A.R.M.Y.

It all started that day when they were fighting for there selves, they come up with an idea to team up and defeat others and become stronger than anything else.They did it, even much better they were real warriors.That day they rekt everyone, everyone begged for there lives.But yea , No Mercy.Everyone praised them, joined them , stood with them , fought for them , but traitors yeah thats right.They killed them from behind, Reinforcements were late.It was already Over.But ......

After Some Months Mahad and MigsX took the control of Desert KillaZZ, for a new organisation, for a new order, for a new beginning ... this is not over yet...
Our clan will defeat the enemy forces, nothing can stop us now and even when our most veteran soldiers left us forever, they are still here, as legends... and example for every new soldier who come.

- [MG]_kAOs[DK] The Godfather/Founder
- [MG]Dominator_[DK] Main Founder
- Reptar Founder (Left Server)
- [MG]Exhaust[DK] Co-Founder
- [MG]Deadly[DK] Co-Founder

- [MG]Spongebob_[DK] Owner
- [MG]Vector_[DK] Owner
- [MG]MigsX_[DK] Owner
- [MG]S.W.A.T.[DK] Owner
- [MG]A.R.M.Y.[DK] Co-Owner

- [MG]Dokhon[DK]

- [DK]ikaoZ
- [MG]Snow[DK]
- [MG]Alcatraz[DK]
- [MG]_General[DK]
- [MG]Capone[DK]
- [MG]Nano_Tech2[DK]
- [MG]Opex_[DK]
- [MG]Pupe[DK]
- [DK]Mikeyo
- [MG]Hawzerstar_[DK]
- [MG]Shake_It[DK]
- [MG]Hi$oka[DK]

- [DK]HammZee
- [DK]Gunner_
- [DK]sabra
- [DK]Stark
- [DK]Gomexx
- [DK]Croco37
- [DK]BooMeR
- [DK]Anastasov

Total Members- 30
Active Members- 21
Inactive Members- 09

To Rank Up,Simply Defeat The Guy Above You in Memberlist in Deagle Duel.

Reptar Founder
[DK]Squidward Legend
[MG]Carl[DK] Leader

Clan Intro

DK...All Swag...Nothing Else <3

Never mind All Enemies Dead Razz

DK vs SAW DK Won 3-0
DK vs SAW DK Won 2-0
DK vs SAW DK Lost 1-2
DK vs SAW DK Won 2-1
DK vs BRAVO DK Won 2-0
DK vs DELTA DK Won 1-0
DK vs DWARF DK Won 2-0
DK vs DELTA DK Won 1-0
DK vs DF DK Won 4-0
DK vs SAF DK Won 1-0
DK vs uW DK Won 1-0
DK vs uW DK Won 3-0
DK vs DT DK Won 2-1
DK vs uW DK Lost 1-2
DK vs uW DK Won 3-2
DK vs GROW DK Won 1-0


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